UpCounsel for Attorneys

Grow your practice

Join the world’s fastest growing online legal marketplace

Our marketplace provides direct access to clients

Clients from all over the world use UpCounsel to hire lawyers and manage the day-to-day legal requirements of running a business.

Practice management tools

We provide free access to our document collaboration software (including e-signature). We also provide a full-service billing platform to track income and quickly send invoices and receive payment.

Free marketing opportunities

Build your brand by getting in front of clients searching for lawyers that match your expertise. By creating your profile on UpCounsel, you will instantly appear in our network of local search results, getting in front of new potential clients.

Guaranteed payments

Marketplace lawyers are guaranteed to be paid for the work that they successfully complete for UpCounsel clients on the platform. We handle your billing so you can focus on your legal practice instead of administrative logistics.

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Our marketplace uses technology to grow your practice

Professional services are increasingly moving online. UpCounsel’s technology allows lawyers and clients to quickly connect, seamlessly collaborate on documents and securely transact business.

What Clients use UpCounsel?


Both first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs use UpCounsel to form legal entities, draft initial business contracts, and generally ensure their companies get off the ground with a solid legal framework.


Our startup clients use UpCounsel to manage both their day-to-day needs (contracts, employment, corporate maintenance) as well as more specialized projects like patents, immigration and venture financing.


Our larger enterprise clients often have dedicated legal teams but use UpCounsel to keep up with general overflow work or tap into our broad network for projects that require a very specific degree of expertise.

Thousands of lawyers use UpCounsel to streamline their practice

“In addition to the wide array of interesting clients, UpCounsel’s platform allows me to focus my time on things I care about (my clients, my family) instead of worrying about things like marketing and billing. I love that I can exchange messages with a prospective client on my phone while I walk my dog.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does UpCounsel cost?

    It is 100% free to create an account, access our document templates and use our document collaboration and billing software (beyond standard credit card processing fees).

  • How does UpCounsel get paid?

    Attorneys always receive 100% of their fees when working with UpCounsel clients. Clients pay a fee to UpCounsel directly, which goes towards payment processing, as well as our “guaranteed payment” policy, which ensures guaranteed and timely payouts for attorneys (see more details in our Terms of Service).

  • How long does it take to get approved?

    Hundreds of lawyers apply to the marketplace each month. We are always eager to bring on experienced business lawyers and aim to respond to applicants as quickly as possible. Depending on the number of applicants, approval time can range from 24 hours to a couple of weeks.

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