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Work directly with former big law partners, senior associates, and general counsels who average over 14 years of experience from top-ranked law firms and Fortune 500 companies and have attended some of the best law schools in the world. Legal Areas regularly verifies the lawyers in its network and our active client review system provides full transparency, allowing other clients to select the right attorney and receive high-quality work.
14 average years of experience
4.9 average rating
5% of applications accepted to join the network
Joshua Garber
About Joshua Garber
"Working with Josh has been an amazing experience: he is smart, effective, prompt and his communication and follow up are incredible!"
Gloria Steinberg
About Gloria M. Steinberg
"Gloria is an incredibly fast and efficient patent filer. We had spoken with many attorneys before finding her on Legal Areas.”
Patrick Murdoch
About Patrick Murdoch
"Patrick helped us get our Delaware corp set up. Smooth and quick turnaround. Highly recommended.”
"I would be surprised to meet an entrepreneur who wasn’t using Legal Areas to meet their legal needs."
Matthew Baier
COO of
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Leverage the diversity of hundreds of lawyers in the Legal Areas network serving a wide range of legal areas and industries across the United States. Post your job and easily get connected to the right lawyers for your business.
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